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Drawing 4 life

This is an educational art project which aims to use arts and culture to support refugees focus on Visual Arts and encourage capacities as language, Arts and ethical values using a methodology of the free playing, which is embraced and enhanced by many different perspectives of education and give one of the best ways to learn when playing.


Drawing makes a difference in children's recovery from trauma and one of the core areas in this project is to use Urban sketchers manifesto for having children engage in drawing and creative activities to helping them draw out the traumas.

Also, drawing provides a symbolic representation of the trauma experience in a concrete, external format.

Also assists in reduction of reactivity (anxiety) to PTSD.


Support & Collaboration


Indigo Volunteers is a charity that recruits volunteers and connects them with humanitarian projects across the globe.

Also, they provide a straightforward, fee-free matchmaking service, placing people where they are needed most. 

Lifting Hands International is an impact-focused nonprofit organization dedicated to providing clear and meaningful ways for you, your family, and your community to help refugees at home and abroad.