• Edited both in Spanish and in English 
  • Dimensions 21x21 cms
  • 96 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Matte coated paper 130 g/m2.
  • Printed in Spain.


  • All rewards will include this card as Patron Certificate printed on high-quality paper, 21x14.8 cms.
  • 3 different series of limited editions of 30 numbered prints each are offered to patrons. Printed in high quality on 324gr Mohawk Eggshell paper.


 Print S1 'LHI's Refugee Center'



The Refugee Center is the space where refugees are supported by education and healing programs by LHI, located 100 meters from the Serres refugee camp.


Print S2 'CityZen's trees´


Next to the walls and the Byzantine Acropolis of Serres, we find the CityZen. A charming place where they serve food and drinks and from where you can see the whole city. These two stunning trees crown the place.

Print S3 'The Welcome'




This is the friendly message that is found at the entrance of the Refugee Centre and that welcomes everyone who comes to no matter where you come from.



Limited editions are available with the book or in a special pack.


In addition to all these rewards, there will be more surprises waiting for patrons.



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