Visual artist, cartoonist, illustrator, painter, 2d animator, designer, sculptor and photographer.

Bachelor Degree Arts by Animation and Design techniques by Faculty of Arts San Carlos, Technical University of Valencia, Spain.


Artistic restlessness ...

Self-motivated essentially by drawing as a natural means of expression, human representation is always present in all works, directly and indirectly.

I have been investigating during several time about pictorial process through non-conventional materials. 

... bleaching art ...


By means of the application of corrosive and oxidizing agents such as sodium hypochlorite creating my own style based on the colours resulting of discoloured process on celluloses and fabrics. At the same time, I teach my knowledges in art in workshops. 

... and now what?


I am based in Southampton (UK) as a resident artist at The Arches Studios while develop my career and collaborate with the theatre company TodoArt13, leading Life Drawing sessions and form part of several groups of Urban Sketchers in UK.