"Contextos Menores"

"Contextos Menores"  (Minor Contexts) is an individual exhibition consisting of a series of 28 works of medium and small format that wrapped on a current social theme from a vision of children refugees in war contexts.


Technically, the works start from the concept of the stroke. An expressive graphic of movement that conforms the design and start from a movement fast and intentionless.


The projection of the stroke, as well as the pressure of the stroke, is proportional to the degree of the emotions. The stroke's speed of the drawing is not comparable to the speed of learning of the children in a warlike context, but It is an approach to emotions represented as visions of this reality.

 There are general and specific protections (Geneva Convention), additional protocols, dispositions and articles that concern the Rights of children where different rights such as food, medical care, education, protection are guaranteed ... Unfortunately, all of them are broken.


Children grow up in a fast-paced world of learning, exposed to experiences that make them vulnerable to events they can not understand or control. They are exposed to deep emotional traumas that mark and change them forever. These "uncorrectable" wounds have serious implications in their futures and develop a conviction that the violence is a way to resolve disputes and those who survive, grow up in an atmosphere surrounded by atrocities.



The strokes converted into drawings are transferred to another supports (black-cardboard, 300 gsm.) By digital way or direct copy where it is immovable due to the composed of dry ink or toner.

The expressions and situations represented remain motionless waiting for a visual finish where the process begins with the oxidation of the same support.


The objetive is remove  "color and material" with different concentrations of lyes or bleaches applying techniques like glazes, splashes, stencils, etc. After that,  the tones generated are used to apply and improve the visual expressiveness of the work.


Some pictures from the installation