This collective exhibition is composed by works whose common link is figuration and fantasy theme.

José Juan Fernández Muñoz present a serie of works focusing on the world of miniaturism and modelling (painting, conversions and scenography).

By the other hand, Joss López shows a series of works based on the discoloration on textiles. Own works, references, interpretations of great illustrators and other based on miniatures presented in the exhibition.

Mixed technique: bleach on dark black fabrics.


Based on an original illustration by Frank Frazetta, 1970.

"Dark Lion"

Based on "Leonin Bonecaster" illustration by Vitaliy Smyk to Magic: The Gathering.

"Dwarf Troll Killer"

Inspired on Game Workshop miniature. Figure exhibited by José Juan Fernández Muñoz.


Based on "Egouli, the Orc witch doctor" by JP Targete.

"Dwarf Flute"

Based on a 3d figure, anonymous.

"Forge Hammer"

Inspired on the scene "Thorek Cejohierro y  El Yunque Rúnico". Scene exhibited by JJ Fernández Muñoz.

"Goblin Pinecone"

Based on the original illustration by Brian Froud.

"Old Death"

Inspired on an original figure of Enigma Fantasy Miniatures, 2008.


Based on the character made by Hayao Miyazaki, My neighbourhood Totoro, 1988.

"Death Guitar"

Inspired on a figure of Micro Art Studio, Collection of miniatures of Discworld.

"Sun Goddess"

Based on an original illustration by Frank Frazetta, 1970.


Inspired on the characters made by Hayao Miyazaki. Princess Mononoke,1997.


Based on an original illustration by Matt Dixon, 2012.


Based on the original character by Brian Froud. Dark Crystal, 1982.

Pictures from the exhibition