"The photograph itself doesn’t interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality"



Street photography is about being open to the endless possibility of what might make an interesting photograph; arguing couples, balletic pedestrian movement, uncanny and witty juxtapositions of seemingly unrelated subject matter. Street photography is about spontaneity: the choreography of synchronizing an impulsive emotional or cerebral response that may transpire over the course of milliseconds with making a photographic exposure. 

Serge J-F. Levy



My camera and I are two bodies perfectly synchronised in a pursuit wandering in the streets in search of a one-off moment. 

Contents of my shots ate unknown people engaged in their daily routines, their happiness, their business, and sometimes in their sufferings as well. 

Spirits that unaware of my intentions reflect the situation and life in the streets. My camera and I, a unique body in the search of milliseconds which run ignored and get diluted in the infinite time. Silence and unwavering that coexisting in our condition. 

My camera and I experiencing the hidden secrets on city streets in search of the meaning of my own existence.