400-INCH SKETCH Art City Gallery, Southampton (UK)

As part of The Day of Art and leaded from Urban Sketchers Southampton, Romina Cristi and I, in their new crazy experiment, we invite is to create a 400-inch long sketch at the front of the Southampton City Art Gallery.

Yes, more than 10 meters of a collective sketch!


SKETCH-WALK Solent Showcase Gallery, Southampton (UK)

As part of #makeyourmarksoton, an independent art map exhibition, artists Joss Lopez and Romina Cristi invite everyone to travel across Southampton by walking while we observe the city through our drawings. We will experiment using cardboard boxes for sketching.

This 1hr slow stroll from Peartree Green, Woolston towards Solent Showcase Gallery starts after the regular USK monthly meeting in Southampton.



WORKSHOP "Decoloración Artística" , Albacete (Sp)

"Decoloración Artística" workshop is a practical and creative course aimed at those who wish to learn and use different materials and techniques as a medium of expression.

The participants will know and experiment with different materials and supports (fibre and cellulose). Through the discoloration or oxidation of the tissues we obtain the tones provided by the set formed by the fabric and the pigment, that is, the "color" resulting from the discoloration is provided by the chosen fabric itself.


WORKSHOP, THE BIG DRAW FESTIVAL - City Art Gallery, Southampton  (UK)

The workshop aims an introduction to drawing and urban sketching for everyone in a friendly and interactive format to help people break the prejudgement towards drawing. The main idea is to engage and motivate the general public to draw and play with different art methods to start drawing and create a custom sketch diary. Also  involves an introductory drawing of a warm-up activity, sketching in-situ, experimenting with different art techniques and showing examples of our work as urban sketchers.


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WORKSHOP, "Bringing the past present" - Portland St Exchange - Mu-trend Lab, Southampton  (UK)

Before WWⅡ, Portland Street (Southampton) used to be the busiest street for cultural and communicating spot. After the Blitz, the urbanistic was defeat and ruined.

Mu-trend Lab collaborated with many talented and innovative artists, designers and makers will bring life back to the Portland Street again.


WORKSHOP, "Bleaching Art" - Arches Open Studios, Southampton  (UK)

The Arches Studios Open days are a three-days free where the Networking space open its door to all public with performances, activities, workshops, demos, and so on.

The aims for this workshop is just to provide to all interested in a basic introduction about how to create different mixes of chlorine to apply on organic black fabrics.  The "colour" resulting from the discolouration is provided by the chosen fabric itself.

WORKSHOP, "International Dance Day" - St. Denys Church, Southampton  (UK)

The International Dance Day is the day dedicated to Dance and dancers. For that reason, and a second year in a roll, we some artists met again to celebrate this day in a spectacular venue with different arts.


Dance & Drawing 

One more time, this workshop is aimed to catch up the gesture of the dance in our drawings. Extremely hard, the public made the strokes the essence of the movement on the stage. 


WORKSHOP, "Bleach-Tober" - Arches Studios, Southampton  (UK)

Taking the Inktober's concept as a reference to self improve drawing skills, I create BleachTober as the same method to improve my skills as an artist. Being focus on what is happening into the fabric, I do note all things happen everyday in this imerse month.


The Arches Studios is the space chosen to run and display it.

After the 31 days working in 31 pieces, these ones are displayed in some workshops as proof to understand different concepts on this technique.

WORKSHOP, "International Dance Day" - St. Denys Church, Southampton  (UK)

To celebrate the International Dance Day some artists made several workshops in different arts, like dance, music, sculpture or painting in Southampton, England.



Dance & Drawing 

In this workshop we could see how to use gesture drawing with a dancer in movement. The essence of the stroke or shape its depend of the strong lines drawn with a intention of movement. The movement of feeling.