As Urban Sketcher, my mission is to raise the artistic, storytelling and educational value of on-location drawing, promoting its practice and connecting people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel.


These graphite, ink and colour sketches were drawn on location at the moment. 

Some of them in official USk events, others in 'sketch-crawls' or in my travels.


I have used a combination of dry and wet techniques with basic pictorial elements, such as mark, line, shape, colour, value and space for unifying factors in a two-dimensional image from my own version of the life and make a reportage.


The word reportage comes from the old French, 'to report', or to give an account of something observed, heard, or investigated. Reportage illustration can be descriptive of places or events, and can also be an editorial or visual documentary of a subject through direct observation. 


'My drawings are about recording things that happen around the edges of everyday life and how our surroundings are changing. They are observations on a particular day, what I saw and discovered, my feelings about the market and its surroundings. What I choose to leave out or leave in makes the picture.'


The kid Merlin and his faithful cockatiel fiend were always in the same area, Rua das Flores (Porto). His dad Marco, a barrel organ player, was always with him with a chicken, marionette doll, chess board and so on. 

This sketch was made in Porto during the USk Symposium in July 2018.

Neasden Temple

Neasden Temple is a Hindu temple in Neasden, London.

In March 2017 I visited this jewel and could appreciate the wonderful decorations that fill up the building.

It is not allowed to take pictures, so I decided to sit down to the floor and sketch and capturing the moment. This is the heart of the Mandir, the Inner Sanctum on the upper floor. 

Thanks to this, months later I would get to meet to Mahant Swami Maharaj, the spiritual Guru.

Porto-São Bento Station

São Bento Station, one of the most beautiful train station I have met, whose architect was José Marques da Silva and its atrium is lined with twenty thousand tiles (551 square meters) with historical representations of the North of the Country by the painter Jorge Colaço installed between 1905 and 1906. 

This artwork represents one of the sketch-walk done, where we can see many sketchers drawing in the location at USk Symposium in Porto in 2018.

St. Denys Church

St. Denys, a beautiful church, which was built on a site close to the ancient priory between 1811 and 1878. 

This main Nave has seen many and many rehearsals from the Theatre and Dance Company TodoArt13 while we used to organise different artistic events together.

Rua Nova de Alfândega

This artwork came from one workshop I did leaded by the great artist LK Bing. Capturing Atmosphere Using Dramatic Lighting and Fast Spontaneity I merged my painting style with new concepts. 

Absolutely beaut how new concepts can modify your palette and create atmospherical environment in location.

The River Itchen

The River Itchen flows from mid-Hampshire to join with Southampton Water below the Itchen Bridge in the city of Southampton. This part of the river was captured under my sketch from a small very quiet and green area close to train bridge. 

Once the tide is going down, you can appreciate how puddles are created and reflect as a mirror different objects of sorroundings.

Jardinillos Park

According to the story, at the beginning of the 19th century, trees and plants were planted where today this park is erected. Today it is known as the Jardinillos Park and consists of a central promenade with an irregular pond with ornaments of water lilies. One of my trips to my hometown had it drawn in my sketchbook.

Bournemouth Beach

Some people come to Bournemouth on the reputation of its beach alone. With 8 kms of yellowish sand, this area is plenty of life during the warm and hot seasons.

This artwork was made from the right side of the gorgeous Pier, which has a wide selection of attractions, retail outlets and entertainments, and came from a sketch-crawl leaded by USk Bournemouth, where some Urban from Southampton were to spend a incredible sunny day.




Pasaje de Lodares

Famous Icon of the city of Albacete, is one of the only three examples of modernist Italian galleries that are conserved in Spain. Once you are inside, the amount of ornaments and modernist and neo-baroque details can make you lose track of time.  

Praça De  Almeida  Garrett

Ancient Buildings at Praça de Almeida Garrett (Almeida Garrett Square) in the Center of Porto, Portugal. Narrow, isolated buildings stand in front of Porto's famous train station. This advertising building served as an advertisement to promote your product by the following fras: "Dressing well is cheap here."

Artwork made by watercolour graphite.

Escadas do Monte dos Judeus

This narrow passage with an endless stairway from Alfândega do Porto to the main Rua de Monte dos Judeus is full of balconies, doors, windows, neighbors that can be greeted by hand from building to building.

This artwork was done attending the workshop of Kian Kiean Ch'ng, Malaysian artist instructor at USk Symposium Porto 2018.

Matt & Kaleb

Matt and Kaleb, two new friends I met in Porto, with whom I shared several drawing sessions and I enjoyed your company a lot.

This concrete artwork was made in a wonderful evening sharing knowledge of painting techniques.

On one side, watercolour graphite by brush and the other, ink and twig. Two techniques, the same style. 

Trago Lounge

Trago Lounge is a cozy space in Portswood, Southampton, where you can enjoy a wide variety of cold and hot drinks and different menus.

By 5.10pm a couple enters the room and sits next to the large windows where the views are absolutely colourful. One hour and a half later, they only relate to other contacts by blackmirrors. 


Chris & Steve

Chris Cudlip is a sculptor based in Southampton, specialising in classical figurative work, studio ceramics and woodcarving. Last 21st May 2017, he did lead a demo at The Arches Open Studios. 

It was a good opportunity to capture that moment between artist and model. 

Also this moment worked to apply as resident artist in The Arches Studios.

The Art House

The Art House is one of the popular Live Music Venue located in Southampton.

If you are looking for a place that’s different from anywhere you’ve ever been, a place that welcomes the unexpected and unusual, you will feel very at home here.